And the werewolves go to…

… Cobblestone Press! 🙂

First of all, let me say I love this publisher. They have published so far a novel, a novella and a short story of mine. Their editors are excellent, their cover artists fabulous, the organisation and attitude impeccable.

Second, let me say I love this story. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my stories and all my characters. But there is something about this one – I don’t know, a sense of urgency and desperation and courage and fierce love that gets me.

Yes, I know that I wrote it.

Yes, okay, fine. I shouldn’t review my own work.

But the thing is, I just love these boys.

Tristan: golden werewolf, abused in his past, fiercely loyal to Jade, willing to sacrifice himself time and again

Jade: golden werewolf, stopped from becoming King of the Golden Clan through magic, in love with Tristan and willing to submit, even if his body disagrees and wants to dominate

Sorrel: silver werewolf, unjustly sought for murder and prevented from becoming King of the Silver Clan through magic, willing to submit to love, even if it happens in the face of a vampire, a species who is enemy to the werewolves

Marcel: vampire, willing to share his magic in exchange for being saved from loneliness, and falling for Sorrel

What has Tristan done to save Jade? What is Jade’s body telling him to do? Why is Sorrel accused of murder, and what spell binds him to Jade? Does Marcel know the answer and can he help them?

These and many more questions! All answered in the end, I promise. This is a novella, about 30K, and is due to come out in the next months. I will keep you updated and post cover art as soon as I have it!