How stories are born (or, how elves rule my life)

This won’t be a long post – just an update on how a certain elf has taken over my life right now and insists to have his story told no matter what. “But I have other projects started!” I protest and grumble, “I need to finish a novel, work on some other ideas! Where did you sprout from?”

“Hi,” he says, “my name is Tush and I’m a Silver Elf. I need your help, because circumstances have forced me to become a slave.”

Drat. How can I not fall for this ploy to break my heart? He looks at me with those pretty eyes all sad and I just can’t turn my back to him.

Typical story.

So I found a strappy young human male for him, to help him out. The things I do for a pretty boy… /eyeroll/ 😀


Here is a pic of what he looks like more or less (his eyes are actually gray and his hair is also more iron-silver gray) – have a look and tell me if you wouldn’t drop everything to help him out!




I wish you all a very nice day!


Returning with a new novella – Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses!

Jay is back.

Where has Jay been all this time, you may ask. Jay is silent, only shrugging a little when asked. Thing is, work takes up a lot more time than one wants to admit.

Anyhow… Here I am again. 🙂 And with a bonus: a new novella!

“Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses” is a novella I wrote two years ago but never got around to revising and polishing. Swamped with work and finishing other projects, I almost forgot about it. With all the buzz about self publishing, I dug it out again and thought – heck, why not try my hand at this?

The amazing thing is that, instead of going under with the stress of doing this (because, being me, I wanted to do it all myself – the editing, the cover art, the formatting), I felt energized. It seems that I’m a control freak after all… lol!

So I sat down and dusted off my boys. Idun, my broken assassin and Celestin, coming to his rescue, and rediscovered how much I love them. Not a big surprise really, I love all my boys very much! But I’d lost these two for a while…

So… what is this story about??? Here’s a summary:

Taken as a child from the streets by Gaetano, a Siledian Mafia boss, Idun is now his slave and bodyguard. After a shooting gone wrong, the boss sends Idun to an exclusive resort to recover from his injuries. But Idun knows that when the boss shows kindness, he should be very afraid…
Celestin works against human trafficking, after escaping the bonds of slavery early in his life. When he’s assigned the rescue of Idun, he never imagines he will fall for his charge…
This is a game of cat and mouse, where nobody’s who they seem. Will Idun and Celestin find trust in each other, and will they fight back to back, when the battle begins?

Link on Amazon

The idea for this story started when I read a post about human trafficking, and in particular children trafficking some years back. It’s a horrible topic, and I hope I’m not offending anyone by adding an erotic slant to it – then again, this is how it works: we all explore different subjects, painful to different degrees, from our perspective and in the ways that inspire us the most.

And these two boys have inspired me a lot, and I hope you love them as much as I do…

Have a great day!