Freebie – and a new release!

Well, my friends, I have a gift for you today: my m/m erotic romance novella “Napolean Guns and Burning Kisses” is FREE today on amazon. Go and grab a copy and I wish you a pleasant reading! 🙂


Here is the link to:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Happy reading! Don’t forget this is gay erotica – explicit gay sex scenes, profanity, the works. 😉


And also today is the release of a new m/m erotic romance novella called “Naked Temptation”. 🙂

Blurb: When Daniel joins the monastery on the island of Andros to escape his violent family, he thinks he has found peace. Two years later, vivid sexual dreams with a gorgeous male demon test his loyalty to the strictness of monastic life and make him wonder if he’s made a huge mistake in striving for purity…



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Happy readying to everyone. 🙂



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