Six Sentence Sunday – Classified

Happy sunday to all visitors! 🙂

Just in time for Halloween, 5 authors of (erotic or not) romance (including myself!) decided to release – for FREE – a collection of short stories: LOVE BITES.

 Classified by Jay Di Meo
Sefu’s guardian angel is supposed to keep him safe, but who’ll keep him safe from the angel?

Dragon Race by Barbara Elsborg
In this race between lovers, who wins and who loses?

Jacquelyn in the Box by D.L. Jackson
What would you give up for love?

Laying Claim by Cate Masters
A curse for one means salvation for both, Celia finds.

Run by Arlene Webb
A run for charity turns deadly, and two strangers learn they have a lot more to give than blood.

So for today’s sss, here are the opening six lines of my story, “Classified”:

Night had fallen, and sleep weighed on Sefu’s eyelids, but he was restless and avoided his bed. When he felt the familiar icy gaze drilling into his back, he stilled in the process of sharpening his sword. The palace hid many watchful eyes, but none quite like these. “You’re back.”

No reply came from the shadowed southern corner, but he knew that Arjun was there, watching him, as on many a night.

Sefu thought to twist around and throw his polishing stone at the angel, just to see if he could catch him off guard, but decided against it.

Read more great snippets on the SSS site.


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