Six Sentence Sunday – Suresh dances

 Hi everyone following the excerpts of Six Sentence Sunday! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

I continue with snippets from my m/m paranormal (elves/humans) novella published by Amber Allure, called “Song of Love and War”, featuring Suresh, an elf, and Thane, a human. Elves aren’t much liked by humans in this world, since most of them haven’t joined the war but instead locked themselves up in their subterranean cities to wait it out. Suresh has joined the war, but that won’t stop humans from attacking him – like here:

Suresh fell to one knee to avoid a blow, and his vision blurred. To die here of all places, when he hadn’t fallen in battle. Ironic.

At least it was quiet, and the trees stood by, silent witnesses.

Their leaves rustled again, and tendrils of energy probed at him. If he didn’t use magic, this would be his last dance, and Kalidas would win.

I hope you are having fun with these snippets. Visit the sss site for more!


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