Six Sentence Sunday – Classified

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Just in time for Halloween, 5 authors of (erotic or not) romance (including myself!) decided to release – for FREE – a collection of short stories: LOVE BITES.

 Classified by Jay Di Meo
Sefu’s guardian angel is supposed to keep him safe, but who’ll keep him safe from the angel?

Dragon Race by Barbara Elsborg
In this race between lovers, who wins and who loses?

Jacquelyn in the Box by D.L. Jackson
What would you give up for love?

Laying Claim by Cate Masters
A curse for one means salvation for both, Celia finds.

Run by Arlene Webb
A run for charity turns deadly, and two strangers learn they have a lot more to give than blood.

So for today’s sss, here are the opening six lines of my story, “Classified”:

Night had fallen, and sleep weighed on Sefu’s eyelids, but he was restless and avoided his bed. When he felt the familiar icy gaze drilling into his back, he stilled in the process of sharpening his sword. The palace hid many watchful eyes, but none quite like these. “You’re back.”

No reply came from the shadowed southern corner, but he knew that Arjun was there, watching him, as on many a night.

Sefu thought to twist around and throw his polishing stone at the angel, just to see if he could catch him off guard, but decided against it.

Read more great snippets on the SSS site.


Six Sentence Sunday – Suresh dances

 Hi everyone following the excerpts of Six Sentence Sunday! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

I continue with snippets from my m/m paranormal (elves/humans) novella published by Amber Allure, called “Song of Love and War”, featuring Suresh, an elf, and Thane, a human. Elves aren’t much liked by humans in this world, since most of them haven’t joined the war but instead locked themselves up in their subterranean cities to wait it out. Suresh has joined the war, but that won’t stop humans from attacking him – like here:

Suresh fell to one knee to avoid a blow, and his vision blurred. To die here of all places, when he hadn’t fallen in battle. Ironic.

At least it was quiet, and the trees stood by, silent witnesses.

Their leaves rustled again, and tendrils of energy probed at him. If he didn’t use magic, this would be his last dance, and Kalidas would win.

I hope you are having fun with these snippets. Visit the sss site for more!

Six Sentence Sunday – The human isn’t ugly…

Happy Sunday to all! Today we have another excerpt from Song of Love and War. Thane is human, caught in a war with the machines. The elves help along with their magic, but Thane never expected to meet an elf in the hotel where he is sent for recovery from a wound.

The elf, Suresh, is wounded too, and is just as surprised by his meeting with Thane…

Humans… Distant relatives of the elves, who diverged from the human evolutionary tree so long ago no memory remained, they had an innocence that drew Suresh to them.

Maybe not all were that bad.

Suresh clenched his hand into a fist. He could still smell the male human’s light musk, and an aftertaste of sweetness clung to the back of his tongue. That tall, strong body, muscles defined through the thin T-shirt, that fair mane, those cat-like eyes, those caramel lips…


I hope you’re enjoying the snippets. Read more here!

Novel accepted – covert art ready for IDRIEL’S SIN!

Boys, girls and all that is in between, above and below:

I have the enormous pleasure of announcing that my wonderful publisher Amber Allure Press has accepted for publication my M/M angel and demon novel IDRIEL’S SIN.


Idriel, a second-class angel accused of murdering his comrades-in-arms, is sent to bootcamp on Earth. The last thing he expects is Eligor, first class demon and more handsome than any angel, who grudgingly takes Idriel under his protection. While waiting for his sentence to be passed, Idriel trains with Eligor and finds himself falling hard for said demon. But Idriel’s days on Earth are numbered, and he knows it. Soon he will be sent to the Pit, according to Heaven’s Law, and nothing can stop it from happening – until all Hell quite literally breaks loose and what Idriel considered a sin may now be his only salvation.

AND I have beautiful cover art! *is immensely pleased* 🙂

Tentative release date:

E-book: End November

Print: Mid December

To celebrate, I am thinking of writing a very short story with — what else? — angels and demons. 🙂

Have a great day!

Six Sentence Sunday – Iron bullets in Song of Love and War

Happy Sunday everyone!  🙂  Today I give you another snippet from my recently released m/m fantasy novella Song of Love and War, featuring Suresh, a beautiful elf warrior, and Thane, a dashing human soldier. Last week, Thane witnessed Suresh being attacked by human men and fight them back. Afterward, Suresh appeared to be in pain, but when Thane asked him if he was all right, the elf brushed him off and left.

Here is what happened next, this time from Suresh’s point of view:

Suresh stumbled through the roof garden, and made it to the bench under the potted olive trees before his legs gave out. He fell on the bench with a groan, pressing a hand against his chest. What was wrong with him? The wounds were almost healed, the iron bullets out. The effects of iron poisoning should be lessening, not getting worse.

Just breathe. Keep breathing.

More to come next sunday – stay tuned! 🙂

Available at Amber Allure Press

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