Six Sentence Sunday – Song of Love and War

Hi guys, happy Sunday! I am so excited – my m/m paranormal novella Song of Love and War releases today with Amber Allure! 🙂

Here are six sentences from where we left off last week:

The elf looked sideways at him. His eyes were all the shades of blue, changing constantly, like the emotions playing on his face – pain, grief, surprise, annoyance, bitterness. “What do you want?”

Good question. Thane rubbed his chin. “Are you all right?”


In the war against the androids, humans have one main asset: the assistance of a few elves wielding strong magic. When the elf protecting Thane’s squadron fails, all Thane’s comrades-in-arms die. Thane is sent to a spa resort to recover from physical and psychological traumas. Torn between blaming elves for his friends’ death and admiring their courage, Thane is intrigued when he meets an elf, Suresh, who seems to hide painful wounds. Suresh is beautiful and brave and soon wins over Thane’s heart – but who is he really, and can he and Thane find love?

Available at Amber Allure at this link

I also have another announcement:

My short story Angel Blood is now out in an anthology by Ravenous Romance which just released:

Three’s a Charm

I will be posting more about this in the next days. 🙂

Check out the six sunday site for many more wonderful excerpts from different authors.


7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Song of Love and War

  1. Congrats on the release, and six lovely lines. The image of the elf’s eyes is outstanding. I couldnt get the link to work, but I also couldnt link to Amber Allure. I’ll check it out again later.

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