Six Sentence Sunday –

Hi guys, happy sunday! I will post another excerpt from my m/m urban fantasy novella “Song of Love and War” coming out August 28, 2011, with Amber Allure publishing! 🙂

If you remember, Thane, a human man, has just glimpsed Suresh, a handsome elf, at a hotel spa where he has been sent to recover from war trauma.Not everyone likes elves. Although some of them help the humans in the bloody war against the machines, most of them stay away, in their underground realms. So it’s not a big surprise when two men attack Suresh at the hotel bar. Before Thane has a chance to come to his assistance, Suresh takes action:

Then the elf whirled and kicked out, arms twisting, dark hair flying, in a blur of silver and black. The two men fell to the floor and stayed there, not moving.

Someone whistled.

The elf stumbled and caught himself on the bar counter, his long ponytail swinging like a cat’s tail.

Thane shot up from his chair. Something was wrong with the elf.


I will be posting more excerpts from this story over the next few weeks.

Check out more great snippets from other authors at:

Have a great sunday! 🙂


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