Six Sentence Sunday – Second glimpse of Suresh

Happy Six Sentence Sunday! Last week I gave you a first snippet from my upcoming novella Song of Love and War, due out next month with Amber Allure. I gave you Thane’s first glimpse of a beautiful man at the hotel reception. Now at the bar of the hotel, Thane gets a better look – and he’s in for a surprise!

He sat alone, staring into his drink, his fine features locked in a scowl. A strand of dark hair teased the base of that long, white throat. Even from afar, his eyes glittered, some pale shade of crystal, and his lips curved into a slight sneer, beautifully shaped and soft-looking.

Then the man dipped his head to sip at his drink, and an elegantly pointed ear peeked through his dark hair.

An elf!

Thane stared, his jaw sagging.

(no copyright for this picture! I hope whoever owns it won’t sue me)

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7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Second glimpse of Suresh

  1. A nice bit of setup that doesn’t feel so much like ‘description’ as ‘spying,’ which is very much more exciting. It’s clear our boy (elf?) isn’t any too happy, and of course we want to know why not.

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