Six Sentence Sunday – Elves anyone?

Happy six sentence sunday!  :-)  I’ve been kept off my weekly posts for a while due to work overload, but I hope to keep at it now.

In case I haven’t announced it yet, my paranormal novella “Song of Love and War”, featuring Suresh, a dashing elf prince, and Thane, a mortal man crushed by the war against the machines, is due out with Amber Quill Press (Amber Allure) on the 28th August!! I am thrilled, as I love this publisher and this story.

Song of Love and War

Will an elf and a human, two men broken by war, find solace together?

Meet Suresh… 🙂

A tall, slender man standing at the reception counter caught Thane’s eye. He was talking with the receptionist. His leather coat hung all the way to his knees, and black trousers molded to his long legs. He wore combat boots, marking him as a soldier. His straight, dark hair was caught in a ponytail that reached the small of his back. There was something about him, elegant and yet dangerous, that made Thane’s stomach clench.

And here is a pic I found on the internet ( which reminded me of Suresh:

I will be posting more excerpts as the time of release approaches.

For more great snippets, go here.

Have a great sunday!


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