Six Sentence Sunday: Suriel’s desire

Morning and good sunday! 🙂 Here is another snippet from Suriel’s Sword. Last week you saw the angel Suriel through Arioch’s eyes. Now you see the demon Arioch through Suriel’s.

Have I mentioned I love my boys? 😉

He knew the shape of the demon’s graceful body, the spikes of
black hair rising over his handsome face, and the long, silky braid hanging
over the left ear. A blue tattooed ankh, the key of life, marked the demon’s
right cheek.
Holy God. It’s him.

The demon turned, as if sensing Suriel’s presence. Suriel let his
hands fall to his sides at the sight of that fine face, the brilliant dark eyes,
the full lips, the irresistible smile.

I won’t be online on sunday but will do my rounds on monday. Have fun, all, and check out more excerpts here!


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