Six Sentence Sunday – Suriel’s Sword and new release!

HI everyone and happy sunday! I am back with a snippet from my short story “Suriel’s Sword”, released on Friday (6 May) in the Ravenous Romance Wicked Good: A M/M Angels and Demons Anthology, edited by EM Lynley! 🙂

Suriel is an angel devoted to Heaven’s service, a warrior of God. His attraction to Arioch, a beautiful demon, will quite literally send him to Hell – which at least is warmer than Heaven…
Arioch is a famous demon warrior. His affection and lust for Suriel will lead him to acts of self-sacrifice – after all, every angel needs a guardian demon, right?

Right. So begins their story, which I hope you will like!

Suriel rubbed his arms. Heaven was beautiful, yet he was always cold. He yearned for warmth, and for something else he couldn’t name.

How he wished to see Arioch again. Suriel pressed his lips together as he turned at an intersection and headed east, his steps echoing. The handsome demon haunted his dreams, ever since the day Suriel had set eyes on him so long ago.

No angel of Paradise was as comely.

The anthology contains many fabulous stories. Here is the link!

The authors of the anthology talk about their inspiration for the stories on editor EM Lynley’s blog

To read more great snippets by different authors participating in six sentence sunday, go to

Have fun. 🙂


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