Six Sentence Sunday – Egyptian gods and James

Welcome back to six sentence sunday – and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! 🙂 Lots of bunnies and chocolate, lol.

I will be posting some more of James’ story (novel: The Falcon and the Jackal, published with Cobblestone Press). A mysterious and handsome man called Silver has told James that they are both reincarnations of the ancient Egyptian gods Seth and Horus. James doesn’t believe a word until his apartment is attacked and he barely escapes with his life. A bullet has grazed his shoulder, and Silver has undertaken to clean the wound…

Silver took some gauze from the first aid kit. His eyes were hooded in the golden light, and wisps of hair shadowed his cheeks. He grabbed a bottle of water from the back seat then wet the gauze and began to clean the blood off James’ shoulder. He scrubbed around the wound, and the texture felt rough on James’ skin. Then he touched the torn skin and flesh. James hissed. Silver drew back, but James reached out.

“Finish this.”

Read more great snippets here!


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