Six Sentence Sunday – James

Hi again and happy sunday! 🙂

Today I will give you some more sentences from my novel “The Falcon and the Jackal”, one of my favorite stories, and the first novel I ever wrote in erotica. James’ world is turned upside down, when a handsome man called Silver tells him that they are reincarnations of ancient Egyptian gods – and that Osiris will try to end the world. It all becomes real when a death squad is sent after James, and Silver appears in his car to rescue him.

Glass rained as he ran, and he covered his head with his hands. He turned the corner and skidded to a halt before a green car with its door wide open.

Silver gave him a wink and a smile. “Jump in, James.”

James gulped. He wanted to refuse, to ask how Silver knew his address, but his tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth. Those dark eyes, the moist lips, the long neck, the t-shirt stretched over Silver’s broad chest: all of them made thinking impossible.


I hope you like my boys. 😉 Check out more great excerpt on the sss website!



12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – James

  1. Glass rained, I love it. And James’ reaction to Silver, attraction conflicting with fear, has just the right amount of tension and intrigue. Looks like I’m getting hooked at yet more characters of yours!

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