Six Sentence Sunday – Binding Spell

Six Sentence Sunday has come around – and here is a snippet from my novella “Binding Spell” published with Cobblestone Press. It’s the story of Mador, a demon punished for following Lucifer in the great war in Heaven, and Jay, a mortal man who has gotten himself in a deadly deal with a high demon, and needs Mador’s help.

Giving into the urge he’d had ever since he’d first seen Mador lying on the floor, pale, nude, and perfect, Jay placed his hand behind the demon’s head, tugged him down, and covered the demon’s mouth with his own. He sank into the velvet-warm sensation and waited for the mirror shard to plunge into his jugular.

A moment of stillness. Then the demon opened his mouth and returned the kiss. It was savage, hard, and deep. Mador’s tongue pushed inside Jay’s mouth, conquering, plundering.

Jay tasted pepper and salt and honey and chocolate. He found himself wanting more, and he tangled his hands in the demon’s long, heavy hair, crushing their bodies together.

Mador sighed into his mouth, and his eyes fell shut. The glass shard dropped from his hand and shattered.

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Hope you had fun reading this. More snippets wait for your inspection at this link.

Have a great Sunday! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – Binding Spell

  1. True. Ten sentences, though some are very short. I didn’t want to cut it before the end of the scene – next time I’ll try to stick to six! 🙂

  2. I love this story, and reading these lines reminds me I must re-read it asap. The tension with Jay going in for the kiss, thinking he’s about to get his throat slashed is awesome.

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