Six Sentence Sunday – My first time

Hi everyone! I decided to join the Six Sentence Sunday (SSS) game – every author participating can post 6 sentences from a published or as yet unpublished work. The idea is to get to know many authors and stories and have fun. 🙂

So for my first post in SSS I will give you a snippet from my short story “Merman’s Tail” which has appeared in the Ravenous Romance anthology Bedknobs and Beanstalks: An anthology of m/m Fairy Tales, edited by EM Lynley.

The merman rose through the surface of the lake and dropped Karan’s lost oars back inside the boat. A crest of light blue hair rose on his head, and longer strands floated around him and molded on his shoulders. Almond-shaped eyes of the darkest green stared at Karan, unblinking. Soft-looking lips pursed.

Karan stared back, entranced. He had never seen such a beautiful creature.

Read about my fascination with mermen and mermaids but also of the thoughts of other authors’ in the anthology here (scroll down for my post)

And read other great authors’ posts and excerpts here.

Have fun! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – My first time

  1. Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! Great start. Your description of the merman is entrancing. I’m totally with Karan on that! And love the way he drops the lost oars into the boat.

    • I don’t own a Kindle yet either, sniff! But you can buy it in many formats, including pdf, rtf and even in print. 🙂

      • where? Not on Amazon… I’d avoid the print version, takes soo long to get to me! 😦 Is it on Smashwords as well?

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