Interview with author Tabitha Blake

Author Interview: Tabitha Blake

Jay Welcome, Tabitha! I am very happy to have you here. Thank you for accepting my invitation! Could you start by telling us a little about yourself?


Tabitha It is a joy to be here Jay. Thanks you for having me.

Tabitha Blake is a paranormal suspense and romance writer. Writing about the creatures of the night is her passion. She is fueled by the need to pen romances with dark twists. Her fascination with the paranormal keeps her mind reaching for the next great story idea. Writing brings her joy and with each story she writes her characters become a part of her. Tabby has a wild imagination that shines through in everything she writes.

She resides in the bustling city of Houston, Texas, with her husband and three crazy cats. She is the mother of four amazing kids that have taught her how to have fun and just enjoy life. Her passion for the written word started at a very young age and has molded her into the writer she is today. Most of the time you will find her with her nose in a book or at her computer writing. The need to read and write runs deep and is part of who she is.


Jay When and why did you start writing?

Tabitha Well I have always enjoyed writing. I loved writing in school but I started writing seriously about three years ago. Now it is just part of my everyday life. I can’t imagine my life without writing. It brings me great joy to be able to tell the crazy stories that rattle around in my brain.


Jay What genre(s) do you write and why?

Tabitha I write paranormal suspense with romantic elements. I love the paranormal. There are so many different creatures you can pen and so many ways to twist your plot. The possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination. I love creating vibrant worlds and unusual characters. Then throw in the fast pace of suspense and you have the makings of a great story.


Jay What are your current projects?

Tabitha My current work in progress is called Soul Extraction. It started out as a short story for my writing class and then developed into a full novel. I am about five chapters from completion. I have really enjoyed writing this one. It is a story of angels and demons with some very unique qualities. Not your typical story.


Jay Oooh, I love the sound of this. I’m marking it on my to-read list! Tell us, what do you find particularly challenging about writing?

Tabitha The toughest part for me would be the long droughts I experience when writing. When the creativity is flowing I can write a hundred miles an hour, but when its not things come to a complete stand still. Sometimes I just have to step back and give my brain a break. This usually happens when I have been writing non-stop for day on end. I think my brain just needs a breather. After a short break it all starts flowing for me again. But I always have that fear that my mojo is gone.

Jay Are character names important to you? How do you name the characters in your stories?

Tabitha I think character names are very important. This is where knowing your character comes in handy. Are they strong, fragile, dominant or passive? I think the name needs to reflect those characteristics. Also you need to pay attention to the date they were born this can make or break a name especially if you write historical. Unfortunately I don’t have some magic method I use. I use an online baby name book and just search until I find the right one. It may take hours or minutes. I never know. Now I have found some really interesting names that some of the movies stars have named their kids so that’s a good place to look.


Jay Movie star kids! I need that link! 😉 What inspires you?

Tabitha What inspires me? Wow! Some many things inspire me. I think the one thing that really keeps me going is my drive to become a published author. I haven’t gotten there yet but I believe it is just a matter of time. But I get inspiration from close friends, family and life in general. So many people give up on their dreams and just coast through life but I am not one of those people. When I want something I go after it and if someone tells me it is impossible then that just drives me to push harder.


Jay Which was your favorite story, ever? (Could be one of yours!)

Tabitha My favorite book of all time is a childhood favorite. That would have to be The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. The story was my first taste of fantasy and he took me on an incredible journey. I could relate as a child to stepping away from real life and walking into a fantasy world filled with danger and beauty. This book has stuck with me for years. I think it was my generation’s equivalent of Harry Potter.


Jay Can you tell us a few words about any (or many!) of your stories/novellas/novels?

Tabitha I can give you an early sneak peek at Soul Extraction. It is still in it’s early stages.


Soul Extraction by Tabitha Blake

(Heroine) Lyric is a hardened FBI agent that is on the hunt for a sexual demon that is sucking the souls from unsuspecting women. Then she meets (Hero) Craigen a fallen angel sent to find the demon she is searching for. Of course there is a battle of wills when Craigen tries to keep her safe. She is a very strong willed woman and he has met his match when it comes to defiance. But along the way the sexual tension spikes and they find themselves trying to fight the attraction to one another. Things really spiral out of control when (Demon) Nyx decides he wants Lyric. Craigen wants Lyric to hide out while he tracks Nyx but Lyric will have no part in that plan. With mummified bodies piling up she refuses to stand by and do nothing.


Jay Where can we buy your novel(s)/stories? (Publisher’s website)

Tabitha At this time I don’t have anything published but I plan to remedy that soon. I will let you know as soon as Soul Extraction hits the shelves.


Jay Do you have a website, fan site, or Blog that we can visit?

Tabitha Absolutely. Here are all my links.










I would love to have you drop by Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights and become a follower or just shoot me an email.


Jay Do you have any advice for other writers?

Tabitha That is a tough one. We all go through our struggle and hope to make it out the other side unscathed. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and we get a few bumps and bruises along the way and that’s okay. The thing to remember is why we started writing in the first place. I think sometimes we loose focus of our dream and it becomes a job. Writing is something I enjoy and sometime I need to step back and take note of why I want to be an author in the first place. So moral of the story is believe in yourself and your dreams. Every writer struggles and yes even seasoned writers face the same obstacles as the newbies.


Tabitha It had been a joy Jay. Thanks you so much for having me.

Jay: Thank you, Tabitha, for coming over! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Interview with author Tabitha Blake

  1. Wow. Sounds like some wild plot twists. Love the concept behind Soul Extraction. I’m sure you’ll get a publisher interested the moment you submit, Tabitha. Lovely getting to know a bit about you and I’ll be watching for this debut novel’s release.

    • Thanks Arlene. I hope you are right and an agent feels the same way. I have gotten lots of good feedback from my crit partners. So that’s a good start.

  2. Thank you Arlene. I have gotten some really good feed back from my crit partner. Let’s just hope and agent feels the same way.

  3. Yes names are improtant to me as well. I have find just the right one that I feel fits. I love that you like them. The names I picked really fit my characters. Thanks Barbara

  4. Soul Extraction with soul sucking demons is reading right up my ally. I’m the same way with creative waves; write when I’m hot for days at a time, then ride out the lulls until the next wave hits. Of course if those didn’t happen, we’d never get anything done around the house! Best wishes for a fantastic writing career. I’m keeping my eye on your name.

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