The Blood King – how to give four men satisfaction

My werewolf/vampire novella (m/m/m/m) was released last week by Cobblestone Press. Yep, that’s four men together. *g*

Meet the werewolves: Tristan, Jade, and Sorrel. Powerful men, fighting for the thrones of their clans (the Golden and the Silver Clan), hindered from changing into their wolf forms through a demon’s spell, and thrown together by fate.

Jade loves Tristan, and Tristan loves Jade… So where does Sorrel come into the picture? He is part-vampire, and he needs love just like the others. This is where Marcel comes in – a sexy vampire, who holds the key to the mystery of the spell, and to Sorrel’s heart.

So the four men can be together, but also find love in their respective couples.I am happy with this ending.



Read the beginning of The Blood King:


Tristan jumped off the steam carriage into the low-curling mist, his long trench coat flapping. The city slept: crumbling houses, empty plots, black gaps in the night.

Ever since the virulent shifters’ plague that turned most humans into were-animals, the devastating war that followed and the collapse of the known world, the werewolves reigned. Lycanthropy proved the best form of shifting, the mutation adapting fast enough to prevent collapse of the human body.

Tristan sniffed the air and scowled. Fuck. “You were right, Jade. I can smell him, too.” The scent twisted in the air like a snake, a scent that shouldn’t be there at all. “Silver Wolf Clan.” In his territory. Tristan tried to hide the unease in his voice, though both he and Jade knew well this could mean war. “The trail’s cold. Whoever passed through here has moved on by now.”

Yet the scent tickled his nose and reached deep into his body, caressing it. He shivered. A strong one. Could Marcel have been right about this, or was he only trying to impress? Vampires did have a penchant for the dramatic.

White smoke puffed from a chimney into the cloudy sky. A horse whinnied, and a dog barked. New Albion slept under the rule of the werewolves and the waxing moon.

“We’ll find him again,” Jade said from inside the carriage. “He can’t have gone far. Come back in and finish what you started.” A low, very masculine chuckle. “My King.”

Tristan growled deep in his throat. A challenge. Jade always pulled his strings. He’d show his second in command what it meant to be the king of the Golden Wolf Clan, the strongest in the country. “You think you’re ready for me?”

Throwing a last glance to the empty street ahead, sniffing the air to make sure the owner of the smell hadn’t returned, he motioned at the driver and stepped back into the carriage, closing the steel door behind him with a clang. He stood, his head nearly touching the ceiling. “Where were we?”

Then the carriage lurched forward on the cobbled street and he grabbed a handle for support, taking in the other man.

Jade lay on his back, long silver hair spilling on the red velvet couch, both hands between his strong legs, stroking himself.


Cover art “The Blood King”!

I got cover art for my werewolf/vampire novella “The Blood King” to be released tomorrow from Cobblestone Press! 🙂 I love it!

Werewolf Jade fights a duel to win the throne of the Golden Clan, and claim Tristan as his mate – but loses when a spell prevents him from shifting, making him slave to the new King.

Tristan could never hope to challenge the new King and win – but he will go to any length to save Jade, even the illegal use of magic.

Sorrel, under a spell like Jade’s, is on the run from his Clan. Together the three werewolves must decipher the clues, undo the spells, take in a sexy vampire, and explore their desires, or else their world will fall apart.

Watch the trailer! 🙂