Enter the contest and win a copy of “Binding Spell”!

Demons can be sexy. They are dangerous and cunning, and live in lust. They are beautiful, dark angels, fallen long ago from grace, sometimes striving to return to heaven, or even just glimpse it through love or pleasure.

How would you describe demons in one word or phrase?

Leave your comments. One of you will win a copy of my novella “Binding Spell” – the story of Mador, a demon summoned to help Jay, a mortal man in need, and his discovery of trust and love. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Enter the contest and win a copy of “Binding Spell”!

  1. Demons being sexy makes me think of vampires……forbidden, evil, but there’s something about them. Is it the girl in me that always loved the bad boy? Or the idea that you can change him, or for you he’ll be different? Interesting idea. Can’t wait to read!!

  2. Demons are an enigma; the total embodiment of sorrow ~for their past misdoings, torment~ at the prospect of damnation, joy~in inflicting that torment on others and desire~what mortals have and take too lightly, and that what they have lost and want to possess again.

  3. Thank you all again for the great comments!

    Areana and Rebecca, really loved your comments. I will send you both copies of Binding Spell. Hope you have fun with it. 🙂

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