Bedknobs and Beanstalks “Book of the Week”!!!

“Bednobs and Beanstalks: M/M fairy tale anthology”,  published by Ravenous Romance and edited by the wonderful EM Lynley has made the top place on the Whipped  Cream site. 🙂

This is the anthology where my story “Merman’s Tail” is published.

Here you can read the review – and some nice words about my story, too. Yay!

Excerpt about “Merman’s Tail” from review:

The Merman’s Tale: Since this evokes the Little Mermaid, I had some trepidation over reading this one. After all, Andersen fairytales are often tragic rather than happily-ever. Never fear, gentle readers, all will be well. Jay Di Meo tells his haunting merfolk tale with pathos and sympathy, a story of overcoming cultural fears and ingrained biases in a search for love in a cruel world. A good choice as a last story to leave readers with. This strong, poignant piece would have been hard to follow at any rate.”


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