Bedknobs and Beanstalks “Book of the Week”!!!

“Bednobs and Beanstalks: M/M fairy tale anthology”,  published by Ravenous Romance and edited by the wonderful EM Lynley has made the top place on the Whipped  Cream site. 🙂

This is the anthology where my story “Merman’s Tail” is published.

Here you can read the review – and some nice words about my story, too. Yay!

Excerpt about “Merman’s Tail” from review:

The Merman’s Tale: Since this evokes the Little Mermaid, I had some trepidation over reading this one. After all, Andersen fairytales are often tragic rather than happily-ever. Never fear, gentle readers, all will be well. Jay Di Meo tells his haunting merfolk tale with pathos and sympathy, a story of overcoming cultural fears and ingrained biases in a search for love in a cruel world. A good choice as a last story to leave readers with. This strong, poignant piece would have been hard to follow at any rate.”


I won the Grand Prize at Make It Quick contest!

And yes! I have been absent for a while, but my stories work! 🙂

Whispers Publishing posted this contest where one has to write a complete erotica (m/f) story of 1700-2000 words, no more, no less! I love constraints. 😉

Elinor is sent out to find the Crown’s Sword, the only weapon that can free her people from the deadly Shadows. When she finds Indigo, a handsome male elf, waiting to be killed by the Shadows, she decides to set him free. He is bound by black magic, which can only be broken through sexual release. Three times is the charm, and Indigo must find release three times before he is free. But with the Shadows waiting outside the temple to kill them both, will he manage to? And will he help Elinor find the weapon that will save her world?

Coming out soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just love this little story. I am happy the jury liked it too.