Writing in stressful times

I have disappeared for quite a while from my blog. Not because I have nothing to say (we, authors, always have something to say, don’t we?) But work piled high on my desk, on my life, and I sank to the bottom, just trying to breathe. Believe me, it was not easy. It still isn’t. My advise to anyone listening:  if your job stresses you so much you can’t write, ditch it.

Now you might ask why I don’t seem to take this piece of advise for myself.

Yeah, yeah. *hunches slightly over the keyboard* I must. I will. this is my goal. I’ve started looking for another job, I swear.

And through all of this, I haven’t stopped writing – only blogging. My latest stories were a little hurried, it shows, and I don’t have such high hopes of them getting published now, but with revision they might, later on.

For now, I will just breathe.


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