Werewolves and vamps – or Red Riding Hood exposed

I’ve been gone for some time, having to work on making money — eating is still, unfortunately, a necessity — and doesn’t that make you wish you were some supernatural being, all powerful, cut off society but also free of it, because of your curse which is also a gift? Don’t you want to write stories about such beings?

Yes, but.

After the enormous success of Twilight and the overwhelming flooding of the market with movies, books and stories in general about such creatures, it’s not a mystery why many authors stir clear of the topic. Too much of the good thing can spoil it.

Yet erotica works differently – perhaps because it gives the topic what has been missing: the good stuff. 😉 The spice. The real possibilities. Isn’t that what Little Red Riding Hood is all about?

Now you’ll say, and what does a fairytale for children have to do with sex? (apart from it being a candidate for erotica retellings of fairytales, of course). It does have a wolf, but werewolves? sex?

Well, it would appear that in the earlier versions of this fairytale (not really created for children, after all), the wolf is really a werewolf. He gets into granny’s bed, and asks Red to remove her clothes, one item at a time – then get into the bed with him.


Just how old is Red anyway? And how handsome is this werewolf?

Ah. Werewolves are sexy. Maybe it’s the idea that they lose control – a man losing control in his passion – a man who has a little of an animal spirit in him, mystical and wild and magnificent.

But why talk about them today?

For one, Ravenous Romance is calling for novellas about werewolves and vampires, and for short stories for in-house anthologies. Werewolves and vampires are all the rage in erotica, even if other markets are saturated – because they’re hot.

So go out and write and let the beast into the house! 🙂