LITTLE DEATH to be published in”I kissed a boy” anthology

My erotica story “Little Death” was accepted for publication in the “I kissed a boy” anthology of Ravenous Romance.
Need I mention I am very happy about this? 🙂

Blurb: Luke knows he can’t be gay – he just appreciates the beauty of the male body. Or so he keeps telling himself until he meets Troy.

Luke travels to Costa Rica in the hopes of coming to grips with his brother’s death. After he gets mugged in a national park, he wanders, lost in the coastal jungle, until he is rescued by Troy, who is mourning his mother’s death. The two men bond over their recent loss, and Luke’s attraction to Troy grows, but he still holds back. Will Luke take a leap of faith and kiss the other man, and so give them both a chance at happiness?

LITTLE DEATH is a contemporary m/m erotica of approximately 5000 words, written while I lived in Costa Rica, in the national park in which I placed the story (Cahuita national park, Caribbean Coast). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “LITTLE DEATH to be published in”I kissed a boy” anthology

  1. Well, I’ve just read the anthology and I really enjoyed it. See my review below!! Well done, Jay!

    I Kissed a Boy – a Ravenous Romance anthology of first time M/M encounters is an eclectic collection with some little gems. My favorite stories are Little Death, Bar None and Making up for Lost Time. The authors have come up with a variety of situations in which to explore that first kiss – and a lot more! From slaves to research assistants to neighbors to chance encounters in a jungle, the making of that first tentative move is teasingly drawn out, even though we know the pair are going to get together. It’s so much harder for gay guys – not sure if their gaydar is working – to risk a kiss and maybe instead receiving a thump in the mouth. No thumps in this collection.

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