“The Falcon and the Jackal” in top 20 of Hot Hooks contest!

James had never been attracted to a man before. But Horus, the Egyptian god of the sun, is not just any man. Drop dead gorgeous, Horus is also the harbinger of bad news. He proclaims James to be Seth, his dark godly counterpart and ally, and warns that Osiris, god of the dead, is about to take over the world once more. Caught between a game of power and falling in love with Horus, James must remember his past and regain his powers, or he’ll lose everything—his future, his former lover, and his own life.

This is the story of James and Silver, alias Seth and Horus, come back to life to battle evil Osiris and save the world. heh. And have some serious sex in the process, because the jewels that bear their godly power need sexual charging. Which means, ahem, sex. Right.

Here is the beginning of the novel:

“James, I swear you like that amulet more than you like your girlfriend.” Dan winked from the museum’s ticket desk.

James winced. Yet another relationship he’d been unable to keep. “Can I just have my ticket, please?”
“At least give my niece a call, will ya?”
James avoided the man’s gaze. “You know we’re not together anymore, Dan.”
Ticket clutched in his hand, he strode into the quiet museum and took a deep breath, inhaled the familiar smell of floor polish and recycled air. Maybe he really should make up with Elisa. He should take his finance studies more seriously, patch things up with his mother. It was past time he got his life in order.
But instead he stood in the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum’s brightly lit entrance hall, between Tuaret, the bloated hippopotamus goddess, and Bes, the dwarf god of fertility. Their eyes were accusing.

Damn it.

James rushed down the deserted aisles. In half an hour the museum would close. Flickering lights illuminated cases with statuettes and painted sarcophagi. He caught a glimpse of his crinkled t-shirt and mussed blond hair in the glass, and frowned. It had been a long day. Smoothing back the short strands, he entered the temporary exhibition hall. He hastened between stone carvings and mummy portraits, and came to stand before a plain black display case.
The amulet.
A disc of pale silver, delicate designs of snakes entwined around its border. In its center, an inlaid, underlined circle in shiny jet.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Let’s see what the readers vote! 🙂


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