Merman’s Tail

What happens when you take a traditional fairy tale and twist it into an erotic one?

Merman’s Tail. 😉

Many fairy tales contain erotic symbolism. A classic example is Red Riding Hood. Scholars say that in the original tale the wolf (a werewolf in fact, and a man) asks her to remove her clothing piece by piece before jumping into bed with him. And he dressed like a woman. Kinky! :-O

The Frog Prince is another such tale. A version of this tale from Germany has the princess throw the frog against the wall – an action which breaks the spell. Ouch! But the fact that he asks to sleep with her every night is not to cuddle. The frog probably has other things on his mind…

Merman’s Tail is a twist on the old Frog Prince tale. Karan, a fisherman, nearly drowns in a storm when Tir, a merman, saves his life and demands a place in Karan’s life for three days and three nights. Repelled by the merman’s bestial form, yet drawn by the parts of Tir that are all man, Karan wavers between following through with his promise, or returning Tir to the water. Will Karan find the courage to break the spell over Tir, or will they both lose their chance at happily ever after?

I am very happy that editor E.M. Lynley has chosen this story of mine to be included in the upcoming BEDKNOBS & BEANSTALKS: Gay Fairy Tales Anthology from Ravenous Romance. 🙂 I hope you who read it come to care  for Karan and Tir as much as I do.