I have started writing a new novella length story, which for now I called “Mador” after the demon protagonist. I have written a number of demon/angel erotica stories lately, I just love the theme. Demons in particular have that drama and tragic air about them (because they were angels who fell from heaven for love or pride) like vampires do. They are just hot! So Mador is an angel who fell after Lucifer’s fall from grace, and now lives in Hell as a minion of demon prince Sitri. He craves freedom, but is enslaved for eternity.

Enter Jay Serin, a mortal, who summons Mador, temporarily makes him flesh and blood and binds Mador to himself. Mador is not happy about this, esp. when told he will have to fight a great demon come midnight to protect Jay’s life. He tries to run away, but the binding doesn’t let him.

But is Jay telling the whole truth? Mador can feel the mortal is lying, and yet is attracted to him. After making love, and on the strike of midnight, Belial arrives to claim Jay’s soul. Will Jay let him have Mador instead, or will he surrender for the sake of the first sparks of love he feels for the demon?

I am very happy I finished the first draft of this story. I have too many stories in my mind right now. Time is my only constraint.


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