Idriel’s Sin

I am working on a number of MM stories right now, many of them with angels and demons due to the multiple calls for anthologies from erotica publishers. It is a topic I love in any case, so these calls gave me the opportunity to delve into one of my favorite areas of interest. Yay for erotica! 🙂

“Idriel’s Sin” came into being after a short I wrote with the theme of an angel and demon falling in love (called “Suriel’s Sword”, I will talk about it in another post). Idriel is an angel, accused wrongly of betraying his comrades and sent to a training camp for demons and angels on earth, pending his Fall to Hell. Eligor, also at the camp, is a Fallen angel, a demon, given a second chance because of good conduct. It takes some time for Idriel to convince Eligor that he is innocent and their feelings for each other grow. Caught in a plot to dethrone God and bring down Heaven, they must fight to save each other and their own soul. 😀

Keywords: lust, beautiful male bodies, angst, pain and desire. Yay! Currently writing the last chapter. Once done, the novel will be about 60 thousand words long. Then of course it will go through the grind. Some parts will be trimmed down, others expanded, but the word count should stay pretty much stable. I hope! *crosses eyes and toes to keep fingers free for typing*

I will be telling you more about Idriel and Eligor in the future.


The Dispossessed

No, I am not talking about Le Guin’s novel. I am talking about myself.

I just moved back to my native country. Native, of course, referring to my birth here. I was away for sixteen years, and that’s a long time to be away from the place one calls “home”. What I am trying to say is that I don’t feel like I have come home, really. And I wonder if I will ever be able to call a place home.

Everything seems out of place for me here. The longer I stay, the weirder I feel. Like a tourist who forgot to return. Return home. But where is that? I lived in different countries of Europe, also in Latin America. There is a piece of home in each of these countries for me – familiar streets and stores, faces and activities, mentalities and food. But no HOME.

I am feeling restless, cornered, isolated and overwhelmed. I don’t really know what I am looking for, if for anything at all, except for this feeling of contentment and relaxation that means home for me.

I hope one day to capture it and feel at ease where I live.


I have started writing a new novella length story, which for now I called “Mador” after the demon protagonist. I have written a number of demon/angel erotica stories lately, I just love the theme. Demons in particular have that drama and tragic air about them (because they were angels who fell from heaven for love or pride) like vampires do. They are just hot! So Mador is an angel who fell after Lucifer’s fall from grace, and now lives in Hell as a minion of demon prince Sitri. He craves freedom, but is enslaved for eternity.

Enter Jay Serin, a mortal, who summons Mador, temporarily makes him flesh and blood and binds Mador to himself. Mador is not happy about this, esp. when told he will have to fight a great demon come midnight to protect Jay’s life. He tries to run away, but the binding doesn’t let him.

But is Jay telling the whole truth? Mador can feel the mortal is lying, and yet is attracted to him. After making love, and on the strike of midnight, Belial arrives to claim Jay’s soul. Will Jay let him have Mador instead, or will he surrender for the sake of the first sparks of love he feels for the demon?

I am very happy I finished the first draft of this story. I have too many stories in my mind right now. Time is my only constraint.

Sunday thoughts

Okay, let’s get down to it, shall we? *rubs hands together*

Writing in English is relatively new to me. English is not my native language *points at name which is obviously not English* but one has to write in the lingua france of the times. At the time of Christ, the world spoke Greek. Later on, Latin. At some point, the international language was French.

Well now it is English, so there. 🙂

Writing in a foreign language can be tough. For one, I tend to overuse expressions, idioms, repeat words. Thesauruses are my best friends – those, and the critique websites I belong to. I firmly believe that if one is serious about writing, one should join a critique website. It’s a life/writing saver!

Next, thank God for internet! Without google, I’d be lost. Praise Wikipedia and online dictionaries. Even if the information isn’t always correct, it does point one in a direction of research.

Writing is tough business – and also the best fun one can have by themselves not involving a vibrator! Cheaper, too. 😉 Voyeurs might get a kick out of intruding in other people’s lives – I get a kick out of living my characters’ lives. It is like entering their bodies and minds and experiencing everything – a little like Gattaka the movie. I love it! As a reader I love it as well, but writing the story myself is a thousand times better, as I can control it and give it all the elements that appeal to me (those be angst, danger, tension, sex – if I think of more, I’ll let you know). I can put my characters through all the pain and fear I want (let it be known I am an evil writer – I love to torture my MCs, esp. the hot, pretty boys). And I can give the stories a happy ending, which is important to me.

Convinced you should write too, yet? 🙂 If not, wait for my next post. Happy Sunday!

Hello world!

Hi everyone. My name is Jay, I am a gal, a country jumper and culture lover. I have lived in different countries of Europe and in Central America, and am interested in archaeology and mythology, folklore and fantastic literature.

I am a writer of fantasy and paranormal erotica (mainly MM). I love the characters in my stories, and I will be talking about them in the future, so stay tuned and find out about Karan and Tir, Suriel and Arioch, James and Silver, Eligor and Idriel – for starts.

Have a very nice day!